Philippine Christian University

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“A University that
nurtures FAITH,
transforms CHARACTER
and inspires SERVICE!


A distinctive Christian University integrating Faith, Character and Service, transforming global learners for enlightenment, leadership and human development in the 21st Century


Philippine Christian University, an institution related to The United Methodist Church and United Church of Christ in the Philippines, commits itself to deliver high quality education imbued with the formation of Christian character, responsive to the needs of people, and making them responsible leaders and stewards, fostering inter-faith and international goodwill and understanding. 

  • Synthesize the teaching of spirituality, religion and the sciences;
  • Inculcate critical and innovative thinking, technological fluency and multi-cultural skills;
  • Provide flexible and innovative programs using online and blended learning methods that comply with international standards for quality education and professional licensure;
  • Offer career choices and pathways through a network of transnational institutions, professional organizations and linkages;
  • Develop proactive leaders, competent workers and responsible citizens.

PCU is committed to develop graduates who:

  • Demonstrate Christian faith,
  • Exemplify academic excellence,
  • Engage in lifelong learning,
  • Practice servant-leadership,
  • Exhibit 21st century skills, and
  • Respond to national and global needs and conditions
  • The University regards its human resources as its greatest assets.
    As such, they are expected to talk truthfully and act responsibly with compassion to promote understanding and harmony throughout the institution. All PCU employees shall express their thoughts, words and actions guided by the following core values:
  • Godliness. By living an authentic Christian life vitalized by Faith, self-evident in Character and manifested in Service to humanity.
  • Inclusiveness. Every person of whatever race, color, beliefs, social status, gender, age, ability, nationality, ethnicity, culture and language shall be treated fairly, faithfully and with respect.
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness. By upholding fidelity, transparency and high ethical standards at all times.
  • Initiative, Creativity and Diligence.  By performing jobs effectively and efficiently, always eager to learn new ideas and do things better continuously.
  • Humility, Courtesy and Civility.  By treating people with kindness, deference and respect.
  • Punctuality and Agility. By delivering assigned outputs and services on time to clients and stakeholders; and using common sense and real-time response to solve problems that may suddenly arise or take advantage of opportunities that may unexpectedly appear.
  • Teamwork. By cooperating with fellow workers belonging to the same office; or collaborating with inter-departmental and/or inter-disciplinary workgroups to attain congruent and complementary University objectives.
  • Cleanliness and Forthrightness. By maintaining proper hygiene, decent grooming and a truthful, wholesome and appealing personality.
  • Frugality and Efficiency in the use of Resources. By consciously striving to eliminate wastes, work defects, work barriers, lavishness, overspending, organizational obstacles, ineffective policies and procedures, unnecessary equipment and inventories.
  • Priority Concern for University Clientele. By understanding, detailing and delivering the priority needs and specifications of the priority University clients.
  • Excellent Quality. By delivering high quality programs, projects and services in accordance with continually improving quality performance standards and The Teachers’ Code of Professional Ethics.


In 1945, Bishop Edwin F. Lee of the United Methodist Church (UMC) envisioned a Christian college in Manila. On October 6, 1946, Laymen of the Evangelical Association of the Philippines agreed to the establishment of the college. Their initial Board of Directors Was composed of Atty. Juan Nabong, Sr., Dr. Mateo Occena, Dr. Emilio Javier, Dr. Mauro Baradi, and Mr. Gerardo Armonio.

On January 11, 1947, the Articles of Incorporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The original name of the institution was Manila Union University but this was later changed to Philippine Christian College.

Dr. Roxy Lefforge, an American missionary, was the first Executive Dean.

Dr. Emilio Javier (1952-1958), an outstanding layman of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) was elected as the first President. Under his leadership the institution expanded the ecumenical efforts in education. The Union High School of Manila and Union Elementary School founded by the Presbyterian Church in 1919 and 1946 respectively became part of PCC in 1947. The college added a degree course in Nursing when the Mary Johnston School of Nursing, founded by the Methodist in 1907, affiliated with PCC in 1953.

Dr. Juan Nabong, Sr. (1958-1969), a Methodist layman, was the second President. Under his Administration, a four-storey concrete building was constructed in 1960 beside the UTS building on Taft Avenue. A year later, a two-storey building for the Elementary school was constructed in Vasquez Street, Malate. The Ellinwood College of Christian Education was merging with the Philippine Christian College in 1968 and its curricular programs integrated with the programs of the College of Education. Dr. Lino Q. Arquiza (1969-1988), a UCCP Educator, was the third President. Under him, the growth and expansion of PCC was steady and impressive. In 1976, PCC acquired its University status and Philippine Christian University. A highlight of the efforts at cooperation came during Dr. Arquiza’s term when the Union Theological Seminary and PCU merge in 1978. with the merger, the Philippine Christian Center for Learning (PCCL) was born.

The merger enabled PCU to expand its offerings in the 97-hectare UTS campus, 36 kilometers south of Manila.

With this move, Philippine Christian University and Union Theological Seminary, established an ecumenical relationship that is more expansive and more coordinated. Institutional cooperation extended to non-protestant schools when in 1972, PCU and DLSU joined hands in a resource-sharing program. This move ushered in the formation of five-school Inter-Institutional Consortium (I-IC) in 1975 composed of De La Salle University, St. Scholastica’s College, St. Paul’s College of Manila, Philippine Normal College and Philippine Christian University. The Consortium enjoys the full support of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

With the untimely demise of Dr. Arquiza, PCU had a succession of two able and dedicated Officers-in-Charge in the persons of Justice Crisolito Pascual (1988) and Dean Betty I. Molina (1989).

In 1990, the Board of Trustees elected Dr. Carlito S. Puno (1990-2000), a prominent Methodist lay leader, as the fourth president of the university. The new president of the university provided a new vision and a creative and dynamic leadership for the university. PCU became an active participant in the globalization of education. Under his leadership the university aggressively pursued a program expansion through the off-campus programs and the overseas institutional linkages.

Dr. Oscar S. Suarez, a Princeton University-educated UCCP pastor, became the fifth president of PCU. November 2008 – Appointed a Management Committee comprised of: Atty. Felix D. Carao Jr. (chairperson), retired Justice Wenceslao I. Agnir and Dr. Quintin S. Doromal. December 2013 – Election of Atty. Felix D. Carao Jr. as the 6th president of the University and the reconstitution of the Board of Trustees.

The PCU Board of Trustees elected Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan, a United Methodist layman, as the 7th president of the University. May 2017 – the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted Autonomous Status to PCU.

Today PCU had grown into an institution responsive to national needs through its expanded and relevant curricular offerings.

 Junifen F. Gauuan completed his PhD in Development Administration (2007) from the Philippine Christian University, Manila. 

He finished his Bachelor of Science in Business Economics (with Merit) and M.B.A. degrees from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. 

He had been a National State Scholar of the Department of Education (1972-76), UNIVAC Summer Scholar (1977), a recipient of AIDAB Fellowship for Rural and Environmental Development at Macquarie University in Australia (1995) and the FAPE-UNICEF Fellowship for Higher Education Management in Asia at SEAMEO-INNOTECH, Quezon City (1998). 

Dr. Gauuan has extensive management, research and development experiences in the fields of business, governance, education, health, information system, rural marketing and finance, agroforestry and environment. 

Dr. Gauuan has served in the Governing and Advisory Boards of government, educational, civic and religious organizations. 

He had been Church Council Chairman of Bayombong United Methodist Church (1996-2014), a regular member of the Northeast Philippines Annual Conference and the Philippines Central Conference, and a 2004 Delegate to the General Conference of The United Methodist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Dr. Gauuan is currently President of Philippine Christian University and ICA Associates Philippines, Inc. 

He is a Trustee of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU), Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations in the Philippines (COCOPEA) and the South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC). 

He also served as President of Aldersgate College, Solano Nueva Vizcaya (October 1982 – May 2014) and Board Chairman of Wesleyan University Philippines, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija (2010-2014).

Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D.
University President

Margie DG Dela Cruz, Ph.D.
Vice President for Globalization and Extension Program
(Head, Globalization Cluster)

Kathleen Rose L. Guimbatan, Ed.D.
Vice President For Academics
(Head, College In-Campus Cluster)

Mario G. Miranda II, Ph.D.
Vice President for Information and Communications Technology and Student Services
(Head, Technical and Student Services Cluster)

Mark Jetro M. Cababan, CPA, MBA
Vice President for Finance and Administration
(Head, Finance and Administration Cluster)

Raul R. Cacho, CPA, MBA
 University Treasurer

Ariel D. Pineda, CPA, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Internal Audit, Accreditation & TQM

Russwell G. Gariando, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Development

Presidential Management Staff

Raul R. Cacho, CPA, MBA
 University Treasurer

Atty. Plaridel V. Mateo
University Legal Counsel

Ariel D. Pineda, CPA , Ph.D.
AVP for Internal Audit, Accreditation & TQM
(concurrent Acting Dean for College of Business Administration & Accountancy)

Engr. Danny G. Umoso, MSIT
OIC - Director for Total Quality Management and Accreditation Office
(College of Informatics concurrent Department Head of Information Technology and Computer Engineering)

Francis Christie C. Arnado, Ph.D.
OIC-Director for  Data Privacy Office, JNAT Review Center and CAARTS

Viola A. Gacutan, M.A.Ed
Executive Assistant - Office of the President

Susana D. Zantua, MBA
Executive Secretary- Office of the President

Rev. Ricardo D. Bernardino
University Chaplain - Manila

Finance and Administration Cluster

Mark Jetro M. Cababan, CPA, MBA
Vice President for Finance and Administration
(Head, Finance and Administration Cluster)

Russwell G. Gariando, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Human Resource
(Concurrent Director for Corporate and External Affairs Office)

Naomie Ruth F. Cabral, PMEL
Coordinator, Human Resource and Development Office

John S. Garduque, MBA
Director for General Services Office

Dr. Wesley C. Vinluan, MD
Director for Health Services Office

Abraham T. Ausan Jr.

Occupational Safety and Health Officer

Milagros C. Acebedo

Purchasing Officer - General Services Office

Gladys M. Dollentas, MMIM

Audit Management Coordinator

Jandy S. Esureña, MBA

Supervisor, Treasury Office

Hanna G. Bautista, MBA

Supervisor, Accreditation and TQM 

Technical and Student Services Cluster

Mario G. Miranda II, Ph.D.
Vice President for Information and Communications Technology and Student Services
(Head, Technical and Student Services)

Carmelo C. Bajos
OIC-Department Head, ICTC - Network Administration and Technical Department

Ariel F. Serrano
OIC-Department Head, ICTC - Systems Administration and Programming Department

Arlene B. Enrique, MBA
University Registrar

Grace C. Musa, MBA
Associate Registrar

Arnell V. Soriente
Records Supervisor, University Registrar's Office

Helen M. Albino
Records Supervisor, Basic Education Registrar's Office

Jinky M. Mordido, MSLS
Director for University Library Services

Rev. Lelinda C. Mugot, M.A. Ed., RGC
Director for Student Services Office

Ma. Ivonne Y. Marcellana, RGC
Coordinator, Guidance and Counseling Office (College)

Gloria C. Nabus, RGC
Coordinator, Guidance and Counseling Office (Basic Education)

Mary Elizabeth C. Miguel, M.A. Ed., RPm
Coordinator, University  Admissions and Placement Office

Putli Martha Beata F. Ijiran, Ed.D.
Director for Institute of Sports, Music, Arts and Culture
(Concurrent Dept. Head for Physical Education Department)

Prof. Rolando A. Austria, MSCS
Director for ICTC - TNE Africa

Academic In-Campus Cluster

PCU Manila College In-Campus Group

Kathleen Rose L. Guimbatan, Ed.D.
Vice President For Academics
(Head, College In-Campus Cluster)

Mylene G. Dinglasan, Ed.D.
Dean for College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work
(Concurrent Dean for College of Education)

Aleli C. Garcia, M.A.Ed.
Dept. Head, College of Education - Undergraduate Program

Nestor M. Salonga, MSW
Dept. Head, Social Work Dept.

Julie Ann V. Balbis, M.A.Ed.
OIC-Dept. Head, Natural Science and Mathematics Dept.

Anna Marie A. Baron, Ph.D.
Dept. Head, Social Science Dept.

Noemi S. Sayson, M.A.Ed.
OIC - Dept. Head, Language and Mass Communication Dept.

Ariel D. Pineda, CPA, Ph.D.
Concurrent Dean for College of Business Administration and Accountancy

Randy Nunez
OIC – Dept. Head, Accountancy Dept.

Edgar Allan Agaton, REM
OIC – Dept Head, Business Administration Dept.

Jimsey Macawile, REM
OIC – Coordinator, Customs Administration Program

Gen. Leocadio SC Santiago, Jr., Ph.D.
Dean for College of Criminology

Gen. Ramon G. Santos, Ph.D.
Coordinator, NSTP Program

Norman B. Ramos, Ph.D.
Dean for College of Informatics

Conchita Q. Valeña, MBA
Dept. Head, Systems Information and Multimedia Dept.

Engr. Danny G. Umoso, MSIT
Concurrent Dept. head, Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Justice Raoul R. Victorino
Dean for College of Law

Atty. Ismael L. Sarangaya, Jr.
Associate Dean for College of Law

Shirley P. Whisenhunt, Ph.D.
Dean, College Nursing and Allied Health

Alicia C. Bañas, Ed. D.
Associate Dean for College of Nursing and Allied Health

Criselda A. Regencia, MA.Ed.
OIC Dean for College of Hospitality and Tourism Management

PCU Manila Basic Education In-Campus Group

Hannah O. Lopez, Ed.D.
Supervising Principal for Basic Education Group

Ricardo C. Faldas, Ed.D.
Principal for Senior High School

Rodina B. Autencio, M.A.Ed.
Dept. Head, Junior High School Dept.

Dominga R. Tabada
OIC- Dept. Head, Elementary Dept.

Beverly Princess B. Gonzales, M.A.Ed.
Dept. Head, Kiddie Kollege Dept.

Marie Faye S. Fuertes, LPT
Year Level Coordinator, Grade 11

Estrelvira C. Francisco, LPT
Year Level Coordinator, Grade 12

Globalization Cluster

Margie DG Dela Cruz, Ph.D.
Vice President for Globalization and Extension Program
(Head, Globalization Cluster)

James Liao Yong, Ph.D.
Vice President for International Education (China)

Vida D. Jimenez, Ph.D., Ed.D., LPT
Director for Online Education and Professional Advancement
(concurrent Dep. Head For College of Education - Graduate Program)

Arcadio Jeffrey S. Perida, Ph.D.
Director for Transnational Education & Extension Program (TNEEP)

Stanley B. Dimain, MBA
Coordinator, Transnational Education & Extension Program Quality Assurance Dept.

Rev. Marcelino B. Padama, Ph.D.
Dept. Head, Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies Dept.

Junnell E. Guia, Ph.D.
OIC – Director, Research and Publication Office

Bishop Emergencio D. Padillo (UCCP)
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Judge Edwin G. Larida, Jr. (UMC)
Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees. Chairperson, Legal Committee

Rev. Rannieh B. Mercado (UCCP)
Corporate Secretary

Reiner R. Puno (UMC)
Corporate Treasurer, Board of Trustees. Chairperson, Finance Committee

Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan (UMC)
Trustee. Council of Bishops, UMC

Bishop Melzar D. Labuntog (UCCP)
Trustee. General Secretary, UCCP

Bishop Ciriaco Q. Francisco (UMC)

Bishop Reuel Norman O. Marigza (UCCP)
Trustee. Chairperson, Building and Grounds Committee

Sis. Jezreel B. Vallente (UCCP)

Sis. Rhoda C. Bruno (UCCP)

Dr. Rodel M. Acdal (UMC)
Trustee, Chairperson, Education Committee

Judge Nimia C. Peralta (UMC)
Trustee, Chairperson, Personnel Committee

Sis. Bethel G. Garcia (UCCP)

Bishop Francisco S. Aviso Jr. (UCCP)

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