University Chaplaincy Office


           This office envisions a total spiritual growth and development of the PCU Community. It seeks to strengthen and enrich the religious life and ministry of the institution, expand and deepen the religious development of every member of the academic community.


  • Embrace all patterns of friendship and hospitality which are shared within the campus;
  • Accompany and nurture the PCU population to journey in faith;
  • Remind PCU constituents of the blessed value of prayer, the human
  • individual, and human endeavor;
  • Encourage all people of diverse faiths to share their treasured beliefs; and
  • Seek to propagate the concept of equal worth among people, overcome fragmentation and help people find wholeness in life.
  1. Continue to strengthen faith by individually and collectively learning to know God better;
  2. Establish an active ecumenical relationship with members of inter-denomination groups within and outside the university;
  3. Establish Campus Chaplaincy Network with other universities around Metro Manila;
  4. Establish multi-cultural fellowship among faculty, staff, and students by celebrating cultural heritage and religious diversity through fellowship, theological reflection and exposures;
  5. Create avenues of dialogue for social, political, religious and cultural issues through the “Academic Forum”;
  6. Develop talents among students, faculty and staff by sponsoring religious musical concerts, shows, and organize the University Chapel Choir;
  7. Bring together all campus religious groups to a regular dialogue and sharing;
  8. Create prayer cells and Bible study groups in various campus offices;
  9. Organize the PCU UMC-MYF and UCCP-CYF to act as support groups;
  10. Conduct leadership training of volunteer students for religious community services; and
  11. Establish network with other campus ministries, mutual nurturing relationship with other Christian learning institutions.

Bible Study Center.

Schedule weekly Bible studies with assigned pastors from the Philosophy and Religion Department. Formulate Bible study themes for the semester to guide the Bible studies for the University.

Prayer Meeting & Devotions.

Organize devotions and prayer meetings in all offices consisting of hymn singing, Bible reading, reflection and/or prayer preferably during Mondays and Fridays. Promote the formation of prayer cells in many offices and departments.

Chapel Service.

Conduct chapel services twice a week. Every
department or office shall at least host two chapel services in a semester.
Encourage as many administrators, teachers, staff and students to participate in chapel services.


Study the history of hymns and appreciate the rich heritage of Church liturgies and activities. e. Spiritual Retreats. Conduct a spiritual retreat for students, faculty, staff and administrators for fellowship and renewal of commitment and personal relationship with the Lord.

Christian Counseling.

Encourage as many members of the PCU Community to seek the counsel of the Chaplain. Invite the pastors of the Philosophy and Religion Department and members of the Faculty
for the development of the Christian counseling work in the University.

Ecumenical Relationship.

Organize ecumenical fellowship with UMC and UCCP churches and bring together all student interdenominational groups for partnership with the University in campus ministry. Promote multi-cultural fellowship among faculty, staff, and students, celebrating cultural heritage and religious diversity through fellowship, theological reflection and exposures.

Chaplaincy Network.

Establish links and networks with chaplaincy offices of other universities and colleges through the ACSC.


Sponsor a leadership training of volunteer students for religious community services in partnership with related departments.

Chaplaincy Program Promotion.
            Develop a brochure to include the Center’s vision and mission, and the services it is offering. Develop a newsletter to contain a reflection or devotion from the Chaplain’s desk, and some updates and
            contribution from Christian organizations in the campus.

The Christian Formation Program for the Elementary Department.

This program focuses on the enhancement of the elementary students’ spiritual growth. Pupils’ devotion is incorporated in the flag ceremony once a week. Chapel services are conducted with identified themes. Christian Formation Emphasis Week is held during the month of September with activities in each class and the faculty and staff devotion. Other activities such as painting contest, designing contest, Bible drill, and math quizzes.

The Christian Formation Program for the High School Department.

This program covers the enhancement of the high school students’ spiritual growth. Activities include Faculty and Staff morning devotions, chapel services, student devotions, and pastoral counseling. During the Christian Emphasis Week, the activities are teacher’s training, chapel service, painting contest, essay writing contest, Bible contest and Gospel singing contest.

The University Christian Emphasis Week.

Annual celebration of faith and life as a community of believers with thanksgiving to God for the year for His guidance, nourishment, and nurture of our faith. Activities include worship services, room to room evangelism, Bible quiz, evangelistic crusades, concert, forum, booth presentations, social concern to depressed areas.

  • Services in Christian Counseling by group or individual. Pastors working in the University are being tapped to assist in this program;
  • Bible Studies and Devotion;
  • Worship Services for college’s faculty, staff and administrators; and
  • Prayer Services in all Colleges.
  • University Convocation by unit.

Faith - Character - Service