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Criselda A. Regencia, M.A. Ed.

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Promoting intercultural dialogues while delivering quality service and experience


                 The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the country’s sources of revenues which generates income for local economies. As the university’s contribution to the industry, the college offers students the required knowledge, skills and aptitudes, and Christian values so that they can become a source of the industry’s manpower in delivering high quality hospitality and tourism services both locally and internationally.

                The academic programs for Hospitality Management and Tourism Management articulate the latest developments in the fields. Guided by the professional, social, and ethical responsibilities, students are taught basic and advanced functions of management as they relate to actual and imagined business situations. Immersion in all areas of the hospitality and tourism sectors are part of their growth and development as they prepare to embark on a professional career in various hospitality sectors both locally and abroad.  


                 As direct actors in the promotion and preservation of local historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the country, students learn local and foreign languages to ensure that they are able to communicate to local and foreign visitors. Students are guided and mentored by practitioners, experts, and specialists on how to establish sustainable intercultural dialogues.


                   Sustainability and development are at the core of the college’s hospitality and tourism programs.