Transnational Education &

Extension Program


 Vice President, Globalization & Extension Program (GEP)

Welcome to Philippine Christian University’s Globalization and Extension Program.  

With the globalization of higher education, PCU creates massive opportunities to be at par with the rapid pace of development in the internalization of higher education.

As a proactive response to the call for a sustainable development in the field of education, specifically to lifelong learning opportunities, PCU continues to create curricular offerings that address equity, equality, and cultural diversity. It ensures that all academic programs are within the scope of international standards’ framework; innovating and upgrading contents and services to meet the dynamic trends in international education, addressing the current and future needs of the society,  advancing approaches to attain a digital future, and exerting all efforts in preparing students to be active, reliable, and competent global citizens through its various programs.

Transnational Education and Extension Program or TNEEP is an indispensable component of the university’s life-long learning program that goes beyond geographical locations and national boundaries. It addresses educational realities, challenges and opportunities in the new normal.  

The Office for Research and Publications, which is part of PCU’s globalization efforts,  continually provides high impact academic and community researches and publications to significantly contribute to national and international sustainable development goals.  

Under its Online Education and Professional Advancement, the university offers the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE) to meet the needs of students who are already engaged in gainful employment here and abroad but still dream to finish their undergraduate degrees. The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) recognizes, expands, and strengthens work experience including formal and informal training of potential students and determines the equivalent academic units which eventually awards to an academic degree.

The Graduate School in Business and Management advances quintessential and integrated business and risk management education gears towards shaping effective and competent business managers who are expected to proactively find and recommend solutions to local and international business and economic challenges.
In response to higher demands for quality assurance mechanism in the delivery of academic programs, the Quality Assurance Office operates and works in close coordination with the Offices of the Transnational Education and Extension Program, Online Education & Professional Advancement, and Graduate School of Business and Management. It focuses on ensuring that the academic programs meet the quality standards set by the university in accordance with the standards of government regulatory agencies and ISO.

Global educational challenges are being addressed by PCU with new and innovative programs and strategies that positively impact all education stakeholders vis-a-vis globalization and extension goals by broadening and expanding partnerships and alliances at the local, national, and international levels.

Through these efforts, we unceasingly pray for the LORD’s intercession and guidance in realizing PCU’s thrust to nurture faith, transform character, and inspire service.

Thank you. 

Vice President, Globalization & Extension Program (GEP)


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management

             Major in:

    • International Finance
    • Strategy Management
    • International Business
    • International Marketing
    • Information Technology
    • Engineering Management
    • International Accountancy
    • International Healthcare System
    • International Tourism & Hospitality Management
    • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    • International Trade and Business Law
    • Real Estate Management
    • Human Capital and Labor Relations
  • Doctor of Philosophy in English Language and Literature
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Development
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Early Childhood Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Adult Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Law
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Arts and Music
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration
    Major in:
    • Public Governance
    • Education Governance
    • Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Security Development Administration
    • Political Economy & Government
    • Environment Management
    • Social Development
    • Legal Studies
  • Doctor of Education
    Major in:
  • Post-Doctoral Program in Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Post-Doctoral Program in Total Quality Management


  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Birth Certificate (single)
  • Marriage Certificate (married)



  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Birth Certificate (single)
  • Marriage Certificate (married)



  • Transcript of Records  (earned PhD or any Doctoral Program)
  • Birth Certificate (single)
  • Marriage Certificate (married)

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Research & Publications Office

Contact Number:
09951204282 – (Ms. Pajanustan)


TNEEP Registrar’s Office 

Contact Number:
09054131240 – (Ms. Musa) 
09357855852 – (Ms. Rivera)
09358457663 – (Ms. Chua) 
09056486767 – (Ms. Molina) 
09161638035 – (Ms. Nakpil)


Online Education and Professional Advancement Office

Contact Number:
(+632) 8330-1766
(+632) 8925-8959
(+63) 9773963152