Vida D. Jimenez, Ed.D., Ph.D., LPT

Director for Online Education & Professional Advancement

Cheeny M. Almodel
Admin Staff
(Globe) 09277835091
Julene Nina Marielle O. Voluntate
OEPA Administrative Assistant
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As the world and technology has been advancing, education is also evolving.
PCU has been a home for online advancement and learning. The Online Education and Professional Advancement offers the flexibility one looks for – in your own pace, location, and way of learning.

This online learning flexibility embodies the lifestyle you are living without pressure and compromising your professional advancement.

I welcome you all to our program. We are bringing the comfort in your learning experience and professional growth. PCU is where learning and advancement never stops.

– Vida D. Jimenez, Ed.D, Ph. D., LPT –

Flexibility that fits your life

The underlying approach of the Online Education of PCU is that you are able to fit our program around your life. With a flexible approach to study, you can plan your own way through our programs.

 Flexible Location

If your job requires travel, you can carry our program with you wherever you go – accessing your virtual learning platform from anywhere in the world.

 Flexible Learning

All of our learning materials is compatible with mobile devices – such as tablets, ereaders – and even your mobile phone. You can

Pure Online Learning Program

We deliver student-centered learning using Pure Online and Blended Online-Classroom modes of instruction.


We aim meet the need of special students who are already engaged in gainful employment but still require the exigency to finish their undergraduate degrees.


We recognize your work experience including formal and informal training and determines the equivalent academic units which can award to academic degree.

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