KIDDIE KOLLEGE (Nursery I and II , Kindergarten)

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Kiddie Kollege is the Kindergarten Department of Philippines Christian University. It provides quality education for 3-5 years old kids.

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Schedule of Classes (sample only)

Nursery 1 ( 8:00 am – 11:00 am)
Children should be brought to school not earlier than 7:50 am and be fetched not later than 11:10 a.m.

Nursery II ( 8:00 – 11:00 am)
Children should be brought to school not earlier than 7:50 am and be fetched not later than 11:10 a.m.

Kindergarten ( 12:00 nn – 3:00 pm)
Children should be brought to school not earlier than 11:50 am and be fetched not later than 3:10 pm.

The history of Kiddie Kollege is replete with transitions and transformations for the past 50 years. Overcoming the challenges of the pre and post Japanese-American war strengthens its resolve to find meaningful changes to address the needs of the children from poor neighboring communities of Malate in Manila. Kiddie Kollege continues to live up to its mission of taking part in ensuring that the children under its care become socially adjusted, emotionally stable, mentally alert, and are capable of managing their levels of learning.

As a kindergarten laboratory for deaconesses of Ellinwood Bible School, and later for student-teachers of Ellinwood College of Christian Education (ECCE), it offered space for kindergarten students to enjoy and learn during a regular two-and-a-half hour classroom session consisting of prayer, play, music, rhythmic activities, meal time, simple chores, a short nap time, and story telling, and other creative activities.

When ECCE was affiliated with Philippine Christian Colleges (PCC) in 1960, the kindergarten laboratory become a regular unit operating throughout the school year and holding classes five days a week. It became the laboratory school of the those taking up a degree in Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education under the College of Education.

It was in 1970 when the laboratory school transitioned to Kiddie Kollege as an initiative of the late Dr. Patrocino S. Ocampo, then Vice President for Academic Affairs of PCC. The following year, a nursery class opened with 46 children. In school year 1972-1973, four kindergarten classes (three in the morning and one in the afternoon), with a total enrollment of 80 children, were held in the old Methodist guest house. Enrollment grew in the years that followed. 19 years later (1991), Kiddie Kollege, the Union Elementary School, and the Union High School of Manila were integrated into one academic unit called Philippine Christian University Integrated Science School. The Kiddie Kollege was transferred to the elementary campus in 1998 for purpose of closer supervision.

To meet the demands of global education, Kiddie Kollege integrated the Singapore Framework for Kindergarten in its curriculum during school year 2004-2005. The thrust is to have the children become life-long learners in in line with the global goal of making schools competitive. It is also in this year that Kiddie Kollege opened a new program for toddlers to cater to the demands of working parents. It was a fusion of daycare and kindergarten program.

Responding to the mandate of RA 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, the Kindergarten program was placed under the elementary curriculum where students are required to complete the kindergarten curriculum prior to being accepted in Grade 1. It was in school year 2015-2015 that Kiddie Kollege became a pre-kindergarten unit of Philippine Christian University – Union Elementary School, offering playgroup for 2 years old, nursery 1 for 3 years old, and nursery 2 for 4 years old.

In school year 2016-2017, Kiddie Kollege opened its Kindergarten Accelerated Curriculum, a program designed to cater to children with multilingual backgrounds. It is a fusion of the DepEd pre-school requirements and High Scope International’s curriculum using an active participatory child approach included Foreign Language, Social Sciences and Geography. Kiddie Kollege now has three distinct programs – Preschool, Accelerated Curriculum and the Special Education since 2018.

This year, Kiddie Kollege has submitted an application for government permit to establish its Special Education (SPED) program which caters to students with special and exceptional needs from Levels I to VI where students are encouraged learn at their own pace. The program provides wealthy and stimulating experiences in Language, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Computer Education, and Music.

From being a laboratory school in the pre-war era to what it has now become, Kiddie Kollege’s transition and transformation have never left behind its original mission of helping children grow in appreciation of Jesus, the greatest teacher and friend of little children.


A Kollege for Kids, shall develop socially adjusted emotionally stable, and mentally alert kids who are capable of managing their level of learning.


As an academic program, Kiddie Kollege aims to;

  • Foster and develop awareness of God as creator and loving Father;
  • Provide opportunities for the children to grow appreciating Jesus, the greatest teacher and friend to little children;
  • Open children’s minds and help them enjoy while learning new things;
  • Enhance children’s sensory, perceptual, and fine motor skills through varied activities;
  • Mold children’s interpersonal skills for effective interaction with peers and adults; and
  • Guide the children in achieving personal autonomy enabling them to learn how to manage themselves.

The program.

The Kiddie Kollege program encourages the children to do their best at their own pace through a wealth of stimulating experiences in Language and Creative Arts. Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Computer Education and Music. The children learn to express themselves in varied meaningful ways. As they work and play, they learn to take initiative and responsibilities and discover ways of getting along with others.

Opportunities of discovering facts and understanding things are available to them. Situations that facilitate development of realistic and positive self-image are provided in the teaching learning environment. 

The daily program includes free guided play followed by group time for conversation, discussion of the lesson, readiness, activities, snacks, and rest periods. Time for music, mine and creative arts is provided. mathematics, Science, Language and Social Studies are integrated in the varied activities of the day. The program enables the children to live as happy, expressing individuals, able to express their love to God and others.

The Learning Delivery.

Children learn through ;

  1. Blended learning.
    Our blended learning approach allows students to learn online and through guided workbooks/modules.

  2. Online Learning.
    Learning materials are readily accessible via different platforms – virtual, workbooks, NEO Bulebook Jr LMS, Google Meet, and Zoom Meeting.

  3. Modular Learning.
    Workbooks and modules are also available for students to use.

  4. Pre-recorded lessons.
    All learning contents are pre-recorded allowing the pupils to login whenever and wherever they are ready.

  5. Self-paced.
    Since lessons are pre-recorded, students can choose when and where to study, provided they follow a regular study schedule.

Children should come in their complete uniform everyday, except on Fridays and special days.
(Please see sample of uniform in the office)


White polo shirt with Kiddie Kollege logo, checkered (blue and white) vest, shorts and black leather shoes with knee high white socks.


Checkered (blue and white) dress wtih white collar, sleeve ends and pocket brims, white vest and black leather shoes with knee high white socks.


On Fridays, the children wear their P.E uniform colored t-shirt (class color) and jogging pants.