Rodina B. Auntencio, M.A.Ed.

Junior High School Dept. Head

Congratulations to our Junior High completers. You have accomplished and surpassed the challenges, and are now equipped to conquer new ones. It’s beyond doubt that your achievements and experiences through Junior High have transformed you to grown-up, composed, matured individuals ready for the next stage– Senior High School. As you thrive, let this day also be an opportunity for you to cerebrate and revere your learning experiences from which you can draw inspiration and confidence to deal with any obstacles that may arrive your way.

The skills, knowledge and most importantly, the values you have obtained should encourage you to be better learners. The ethics and lifelong competencies you have gained are your pillars that will help you withstand unknown twists and turns. Persevere, Senior High School is a new world of opportunities. Keep striving for the best, and furnish yourselves with valuable and rewarding learning towards your goals in life. Be productive and participative citizens of your community and our country. Leave a legacy by being assets and instruments in improving lives not only today but also the next generations. Remember to stick with the values that the Philippine Christian University has instilled and polished in you. Let the three tenets of PCU continue to empower and burn its everlasting flames within you. Keep your unwavering faith in the Lord and know that He will continue to work His wonders in your life outside the portals of your alma mater. Exercise your best Christian character by being a blessing to everyone you will encounter. Remain fervent in acts of service to God and country, be responsive and responsible members of your ministry. Let the light of Jesus shine through your lives as you live by Him and in Him.

Stay in God’s loving presence and persistently pray that you will be blessed. Remember, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Pray with strength of mind, body and spirit and all else will be as God has plot. Keep on chasing your dreams. Once again, congratulations to one and all!

Message of the UHSM Dept. Head (SY – 2021-2022)



The High School was established in June, 1919 as a department of the Union Theological Seminary (UTS) which was authorized by the Secretary of Public Instruction on January 7, 1920 to award diploma to its graduates who prepared for Christian ministry.

          In June, 1923 a night department was started and its recognition was given in July, 1926. In March, 1931 it ceased to operate but was reopened in 1941 and again in 1948. Since March, 1955, however, it has not offered night classes.

          When the UTS moved to its Taft Avenue campus in June 1927, the high school department was left to itself although for some time it was united in spirit with its mother school.

         The school had a new beginning when it was officially incorporated as the Union High School of Manila on June 12, 1928 with a Board of Trustees composed of five members – two from Presbyterian Mission in the Philippines, one from the United Brethren Mission, another from the Disciples of Christ and the fifth named jointly by the three missions. Dr. George W. Wright was its first President. He was responsible more than any other person for starting the school.

         In 1946, when World War II was over, the school reopened. It became an integral part of the Philippine Christian College in 1948, but pledged to carry on the fine tradition of the Union High School of Manila, especially the name and goodwill it had established during the last quarter of the century.

         An improvement and expansion program  was started in 1968. The modernization of the school plan  provided greater comfort and better learning for the students.

          On  October 6, 1977, the Philippine Christian College was granted its university status. The Union High School of Manila became the High School department of Philippine Christian University.

         On June 1, 1991, the Kiddie Kollege, the Union Elementary School, and the Union High School of Manila were integrated into one academic unit: the PCU – Integrated Science School ( PCU-ISS ).

                On June 1, 1994, the PCU-ISS became PCU, Integrated Science School (PCU-ISS) because of the University Thrust: Science and Technology.

           On June 1, 2003, PCU-Integrated Science School, was renamed Union Science High School of Manila.  It has adopted a Science and Math – based curriculum in the last five (5) years from 2003 through 2008 to consider the growing call and need for national development through an intensified Science/Math and Technology Program.

            This Science Enriched curriculum helps equip the clientele with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote scientific, analytical, and creative mind towards the development of a globally competitive work force in the 21st century.

            In response to the clamor of its alumni, and as indicated in the Government Recognition, the high school department of PCU now bears the name – Union High School of Manila.

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