Dr. James Liao Yong

2021年9月,我校副校长廖勇博士(Dr. James Liao Yong)一行前往内蒙古,广西两省,先后访问了内蒙古艺术学院,广西艺术学院,右江民族医学院等高校,与各校党委书记、校长等就中菲高校国际教育合作展开了深入交流。
Dr. James Liao Yong, Vice President of Philippine Christian University, with his delegation visited Inner Mongolia Arts University, Guangxi Arts University, and Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities in Inner Mongolia and Guangxi provinces in September 2021. They discussed international education collaboration between Chinese and Filipino institutions in depth with the party committee secretaries and presidents of each university.


Vice President Liao Yong and his delegation paid a visit to Guangxi Arts University on September 28. They had a meeting on the exchange and cooperation of arts education between the two universities with Wei Junping, Member of the Party Standing Committee and the Vice President together with Yuan Yuan, who is the Director of the Party and Government Office and also the Director of the International Exchange Office.

At the forum, Vice President Wei Junping introduced the basic situation of faculty, scale, international exchange and cooperation, and the development of Sino-foreign cooperative projects of Guangxi Arts University; he hoped that the two universities could realize in-depth exchanges and cooperation, condense the characteristics of “ASEAN”, and serve the declaration of doctoral programs.
Vice President Liao Yong expressed his appreciation for Guangxi Arts University’s successes in terms of international exchanges and collaboration. He believes that cooperating in the field of art education has a lot of potential, and he hopes that the two institutions will continue to collaborate in the areas of teacher development and talent training.


9月28日,正值2021中国—东盟职业教育联展暨论坛举办期间,我校与右江民族 医学院在南宁举行了联合培养护理博士合作备忘录签字仪式。副校长廖勇博士和 右江民族医学院校党委常委、副校长黄龙坚教授参加签字仪式。
The PCU and the Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities signed a Memorandum of Agreement on Joint Training of Doctor of Nursing on September 28 in Nanning, at the 2021 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Joint Exhibition and Forum. Vice President Dr. Liao Yong and Professor Huang Longjian, members of the Party Standing Committee and Vice President of Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, were among those present at the
signing ceremony.


9月8日上午,我校代表团访问了内蒙古艺术学院,并举行了合作备忘录签字仪 式。内蒙古艺术学院党委书记刘前贵,党委副书记、院长黄海,相关职能部门和 各二级学院负责人参加仪式。

On the morning of September 8, our delegation paid a visit to the Inner Mongolia Arts University and held a signing ceremony for a cooperation memorandum. The event was attended by Party Committee Secretary Liu
Qiangui, Deputy Secretary Huang Hai from Inner Mongolia Arts University, and other important officials.
刘前贵书记强调国际合作交流要依托“可靠”二字,与管理规范、要求严格的学校本着平等自 愿、合作共赢、共同发展的原则,推动双边教育交流与合作扎实、有序进行。
Secretary Liu Qiangui emphasized the importance of “reliability” in international cooperation and exchange, as well as universities with standardized management, in order to promote bilateral educational exchange and cooperation in a solid and orderly manner, based on equality and voluntariness, win-win cooperation, and common development.
我校副校长廖勇表示感谢,并从国际关系、地理优势、办学特色等方面介绍了克里斯汀大学, 着重介绍了我校攻读硕士、博士学位的教学环境、导师配备等方面的优势以及聘请内蒙古艺术 学院教师担任我校硕士、博士导师的愿景。

Vice President Liao Yong expressed his gratitude and characterized Christian University in terms of international relations, geographical advantages, as well as the quality of the school, highlighting the advantages of our teaching environment for pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, the availability of instructors, and the clear strategy of hiring of post-graduate instructors from Inner Mongolia Arts University.
我校代表团9月之行,为各校双方打开了一个国际交流的窗口,也是一个加深、增进友谊的平 台,更是高校间共谋教育良策、共商发展大计的一次机会。此次访问必将推动我校国际交流与 合作再上新的台阶。
Our visitation in this September provided a platform for international interaction for both sides of the university, as well as a platform to build and strengthen friendships, as well as a chance for universities to seek good educational advice and establish joint growth plans. PCU’s international interchange and collaboration will undoubtedly
bring a limelight to a higher stage.