Tatay: A Letter

Thinking about the mark that you have made on my life, I always believe that your sacrifices have moved me most. You raised me with loving discipline and guidance that brought revelation of our Lord. You serve the Lord by setting and being the best example and leading our family with affectionate care and unconditional love. And above all, you serve the Lord by praying for us and believing in us.

Thank you for always looking up to the Lord for direction on how to bring me up. I grew up seeing how steadfast your faith in the Lord is. Thank you for you gave up so much for your children, which gave way for me to love the way Jesus does. You have succeeded your vital role as a father when you made me see the world and understand what is right and wrong. You are a big help in constituting a strong foundation for every decision that I’ll make.

Whenever I face hardships, I can always look up to you for reassurance, hope and encouragement. And now I know why. It’s because you abundantly respect and submit to God in all things. That your faith has always been the source of comfort for us and it helped us feel secured, notwithstanding the storms of life that may go against me.

I will be incessantly grateful for your life. Happy Father’s Day to the man we are privileged to call our father. May God continue to bless you greatly for your faithfulness.

-Your Child

This Father’s Day, we are thankful about the greatness of all the fathers. We will continue to give our best to live out Proverbs 23:22 to you, for you have been our 2 Samuel 7:14 and Proverbs 20:7.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Tatay, Papa, Daddy!