Dr. Jill Valderama, Ed.D.

Dean, CEDAP and Graduate School of Education (Manila Campus)

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Mylene D. Dinglasan, Ed.D.

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College Secretary

                 📞(+632) 8523-2159
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Since its inception in 1965, the College of Education has developed a progressive curricula that incorporates creative interface between theory and practice.

In teaching, this strategy is accomplished using laboratories and multi-media resources that are continually upgraded to accommodate cutting-edge topics in education and educational technology.

In regards strategies and methods of teaching, student teachers learn through practice teaching conducted in the laboratory schools of Philippine Christian University-Union Elementary School and Union High School and off-campus, in affiliated private and public schools.

To achieve its research objectives, the College of Education is integrating the teaching improvement activities for language and education to the research agenda of other development units within Philippine Christian University such as the Center for Research and Instructional Materials.

This integration facilitates the active involvement of all faculty members in educational and language research such as those being implemented in the areas of English Language Proficiency, Child Education, Remedial Teaching, Test and Measurement, and Computer-Aided Education.


The College of Education and Allied Programs is committed to:

  • Provide globally-competitive instruction, relevant research and life-
    enhancing community-service;
  • Pursue academic excellence imbued with Filipino ideals and aspirations; and
  • Promote knowledge, skills and values towards the nurture of Filipino teachers and school managers with strong Christian conviction.