Christian Political Science Society

Christian Political Science Society [ChPSS]


The Christian Political Science Society, otherwise known as ChPSS or Society, is an academic student body of Philippine Christian University-Manila. ChPSS is a university-recognized organization for AB Political Science students affiliated to the College of Arts, Sciences and Social Work. As our aim to transform academic knowledge to humane response for a sustainable future we produce relevant lectures and activities to be responsive citizens to societal needs.

ChPSS is re-establishing itself as an active participant in today’s world. As a body of future political scientists, we believe that we have a part in advancing the political table in order for our marginalized folks to be part of it. Indeed, ChPSS has been pursuing our progressive faith and humane education together with the Alma Mater’s call for responsive service for the people and nation.


1. Professionalize the services offered
2. Support social actions with a nationalist, democratic, scientific and mass-oriented perspective
3. Promote accountability and transparency in the University community
4. Expand our progressive faith for transformative leadership
5. Reinvent the organization to become a priority destination for prospected Political Science students
6. Adhere to the Mission and Vision of the University.


Transforming academic knowledge to humane response for sustainable future

List of Officers of the Organization

S.Y. 2020-2021

President:   Jeffern Dave Juntilla Ando
Vice President: Erika Glaine A. Cuevas
Secretary: Denise T. Maranan
Assistant Secretary: Arthur John T. Basco
Treasurer: Kyla Jane M. Feudo
Auditor: Dann Reeve F. Quizana
P.R.O.: Jovic V. Duquilla
Sophomore Representative:Louie Michael A. Raagas
Freshman Representative:Atasha Alliah R. Aldama
Election Chairperson: Mary Dorie E. Pineda
Faculty Adviser:Prof. Abraham T. Ausan, Jr.

Calendar of Activities

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   Twitter: @polsci_pcumnl