Message from the Vice President for International Education


            It is with great pride and honor for me to accept the appointment by The Philippine Christian University as the Vice President of International Education (CIE). I will continue to play an essential role in educating students from various ethnic, culture, geographic and economic background for their professional and scholastic growth. CIE will offer a variety of programs such as business, economics, psychology, education, performing arts and health care, for bachelor, master, and doctoral students. I can assure you that these programs offered at CIE, are compatible to the highest level of international standards and to enable CIE though Philippine Christian University to make available high-quality education in the Philippines.

            I will continuously improve and upgrade our curriculums to meet the ever-changing trends and needs in this 21st Century by incorporating new developments while still maintaining a high level of international standards. Through CIE, I will exert all efforts to prepare our students to make a difference and to succeed in life. This can be accomplished with a top-notch experienced and professional faculty team.

            I look forward to implementing my dream and plans at the Center for International Education (CIE) with the cooperation and support from Philippine Christian University. Thank you! 

               James Liao Yong, MBA, Ph.D.
Vice President for International Education

Table of Contents

International Education News

Table of Contents

Admission Requirements

  • No Criminal Records with authentication by the Philippine Embassy
  • Degree Certificate
  • OTR Authentication

Course Offerings

Undergraduate Program

护理、心理学、营养学、生物学、会计学、金融管理、市场营 销、酒店管理、旅游管理、信息技术(动漫、网站开发、软件开发), 英语,音乐教育,体育教育,学前教育,艺术教育,英语教育,技 术教育

  • Nursing 
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Hotel Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Information Technology
      a. Animation
      b. website Development
      c. Software Development
  • English
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Preschool Education
  • Art Education
  • English Education
  • Technical Education.
Master’s Program

工商管理硕士,管理学硕士(会计、国际金。国际商务、国际市场营销、供应应链与物流管理、 教育管理公共管理危机与灾难管理、健康管理、医院管理、项目管理、工程管理、信息技术、国 际贸易与應业法、环境规划),信息技术硕士,旅游与酒店管理师,护理硕士,心理学硕士,英语 语言与文学硕士,教育学士学前教育、英语教育音乐教育、艺术教育、技术教育、、指导与辅导 、课程论与教学法专业、数学教育、物理教育、化学教育、生物教育)。

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Management
     a. Accounting
     b .International Finance
     c. International Business
     d. International Marketing
     e. Supply Chain Management
     f. Logistics Management
     g. Education Management
     h. Public Management 
     i.  Crisis and Disaster 
     j.  Health Management
     k. Hospital Management
     l.  Project Management
     m. Engineering Management   
     n.  Information Technology 
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master of Psychology
  • Master of English Arts
  • Master of Education
      a. Preschool Education
      b. English Education
      c.  Music Education
      d.  Art Education
      e.  Technical Education
      f.  Guidance and guidance
      g. Curriculum Theory and
      h. Mathematics Education
      i.  Physics Education
      j.  Chemistry Education
      k. Biology Education
Doctorate Program

PHD英语语言与文学博士,PHD企业管理博士研究方向:战略管 理,国际商务,国际营销,国际会计,国际金融,国际贸易与商法,工程 管理,项目管理,计算机信息,物流与供应链,国际健康系统管理,国 际旅游与酒店管理) ;PHD发展管理(研究方向:教育治理,领导力,公 共治理,环境管理)。教育学博士(研究方向:教育管理,体育教育,音 乐教育,艺术教育,技术教育,指导与辅导,课程论与教学法,数学,物 理,化学,生物); Ph.D心理学博士(研究方向:临床心理学,工业心 理学)。

  • Ph.D. in Business Management
      a. Warpath Management
      b. Accounting
      c. International Finance
      d. International Business
      e. International Marketing
      f. Supply Chain Management
      g. Logistics Management
      h. Health Management
       i. Project Management
       j. Information Technology
      k. Management
       l. Engineering Management
  • Ph.D. in Development Management
      a. Leadership
      b. Educational Governance
      c. Public Governance)
  • Ph.D. in Education
      a. Educational Management
      b. English Language Education
      c. Physical Education
      d. Music Education
      e. Technical Education
      f.  Guidance and Guidance
      g. Curriculum Theory and Pedagogy
      h. Mathematics Education
       i. Physics Education
       j. Chemistry Education
      k. Biology Education
  • Ph.D. in Psychology
  • Ph.D. in English Language and