Our world is full of proud people who boast about their authority, power, position and wealth. There are those who brag about the titles attached to their names as if such titles are enough reason for them to look down at others. To them humility is nothing but a name for lesser people.

The splendid virtue of humility must be understood, continually contemplated on and constantly embraced.  As Christians, how do we understand humility?  It is nothing other than knowing the truth about ourselves, believing that truth and living according to that truth.  The pinnacle of our conscience is a matter between us and our God.  Human opinion has diminutive influence.  Some may offer untruthful verdicts of us presuming our pride or another debauchery.  And at other times some may speak words of flattery, exaggerating your virtue from impure motives.  Neither false criticism nor words of flattery foster humility because they both have as their intention something other than the truth.  Some holy souls may even seek to misrepresent the truth of who they are by either exaggerating their holiness or by misrepresenting their misery so as to gain the praise or sympathy of others.  But, again, the goal of humility is the truth of who we are.  Seek out to know and believe the full truth of your life, and then seek to live that truth openly and honestly.  This transparency of intention will allow your true self to emerge, and through this humble act the Lord will shine forth from your soul.

Contemplate on the truth as to who you really are.  Seek complete honesty in relation to your actions and your intents.  Understand yourself and seek to know yourself as God knows you.  Doing this will foster great humility.  As you grow in humility, see also the truth of God and His greatness.  Humbly acknowledge all that God does for you.  Seeing God at work within yourself and honestly expressing this with gratitude will allow His light to shine forth beautifully for all to see.  This is the truth and this is humility.

Our beloved Philippine Christian University (PCU) is deeply grateful that God has so graciously endowed us with immense blessings – human and material resources that we can meaningfully utilize to better serve our constituents, students, parents, staff, employees and faculty members. Yet we do not brag about all those blessings, neither do they make us big-headed in anyway. They are, in fact, taken as a big responsibility on our shoulders. While there may be those among us in the University who are too proud of themselves, there are still those who inspire us for their self-effacing leadership. Our very own University President no less, Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan sets the example worthy to emulate. And that may be the secret of PCU’s success story- HUMILITY. Staying humble notwithstanding our accomplishments. Being dependably unswerving in our Christian calling as a University keeps us strong and worthy!  God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Instead of being too arrogant and proud about ourselves, let us boast in the Lord as 1 Corinthians 1: 31 aptly says “Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.