"A Reason To Be Expectant"

-Liliosa Kamille B. Suarez-

Amidst the continuing battle against Covid-19, we see images of fear, anxiety, loss, uncertainties and sometimes the grim reality of death. Nonetheless, even in our ongoing battle against the pandemic which appears to be ambiguous, there are also stories of victory that give us hope and strengthen our optimism that soon we will rise above this contagion as Christ prevailed over the power of death.

  • We see people infected by covid-19 recovered and are now out of their sickbed. They have defeated the virus!
  • We see scores of people exerting efforts to help those in need, getting out of the security and comfort of their homes to extend arms of support to the neediest communities and groups; a concrete example is the community pantry initiative that bloomed like wild flowers in the field.
  • We see individuals, groups, and organizations linking arms with others in the noble effort of collectively battling against a common enemy in corona virus.
  • We see countries sending their medical experts and assistance to most affected nations to help overcome the pandemic;
  • We see a number of affluent individuals and companies contributing to the cause of rising above this prevailing adversary;
  • We see the growing number of people who volunteer to be in the frontlines of this war;
  • We see more and more people entrust their lives to God which shows that after all, we acknowledge that only with God can we truly be victorious over this colossal challenge.
  • We see more people getting vaccinated and more vaccines coming in;


All these and more are stories of victory that give us reason to hope and be optimistic even amidst a despairing situation.

The resurrection event is principally a story of victory and fulfillment – the reason why we declare with the Apostle Paul “But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.!” (1 Corinthians 15: 57)

If the victorious Christ lives within us, then we have the power to prevail over the adversaries of our life, including covid-19. If Christ, who at first looked overpowered by the sting of death was able to rise above such a great enemy, we too can prevail over this dangerous adversary. We may experience momentary downfall, but that is not the end.

We are optimistic and expectant for the reason that we too can be a part of Christ’s victorious fight against falsehood because He lives in us and we can overcome the sting of darkness that surround us these days. Yes, we may be overwhelmed by apparent hopelessness and despair, but with Christ in us, we will overcome! Remember that Jesus did not give up until the end. He fought the good fight.

The story of Jesus’ life, ministry and sacrifices did not end on his death at the cross. It did not conclude on a note of defeat. It was just the beginning of the road to his joyous victory over life’s greatest adversary.

TODAY, we celebrate as a people of God to claim that VICTORY, to celebrate God’s triumph over the snare of this feared enemy.

And because Christ gave his own life to save us, we can all face the promise of a bright tomorrow, where there is fear no more. For God holds our future and life becomes all the more worthy to be relished, because in Jesus’ resurrection falsehood and sins were conquered in the end!

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  1. You have beautifully expressed the Christian hope of victory against even this COVID-19 pandemic, Liliosa Camille.

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