“A Home of Faith, Character and Service: A Reflection”

Looking back at the years when I was inward bound for the transitional phase of my educational journey, I discernibly remember how desperate I was to pursue my dream in the field of Music. I was looking for universities that offer the course of my choice. I took entrance examinations and even prepared for possible auditions if ever I passed the entrance examination. Just a month before the formal opening of the school year for the incoming freshmen, I received a news about the results of the examinations that I took. My heart was bleeding upon learning that I did not make it to the auditions. I lost all my hopes on pursuing my dream.

Days went by, and my parents told me to take an entrance examination in Philippine Christian University. At first, I felt so tentative as to whether I would obey judi slot gacor my parents or not. I could not think of any other courses to take. Pressured by time, I was obliged to look for a school to enroll.

I ended up taking the entrance exam at PCU where I finally enrolled although I really found it difficult to choose a course to enroll in. I landed in the BS in Mass Communications Major in Print Media and Broadcasting. I just felt that said course also fits my interest.

My journey as a student of PCU, was an experience of diverse feelings “Masaya”, “Minsan hindi na masaya”, “Sobrang saya”, “Mahirap”, “Sobrang hirap na”, “Ayoko ng mag-aral!”, “Nakakatamad”, “Nakakapagod”, etc.

Little did I know that PCU will make a way for me to realize and see, in due course, the true and absolute meaning of its vision and mission poker. And believe me, until now I am still in awe whenever I see how it helped me carry and live out its core values of: Faith, Character & Service.

PCU shaped in me a good Faith. Faith, that I can do all things. Of course, with the help of an education that enhanced the development of Christian character. It deepens my knowledge on what it is like to constantly count on my Faith and be firm in my belief that by grace through Faith, I would be able to accomplish many things.

Good Character cannot be seen by simply complying with all the policies or instructions, nor can it be seen by simply being courteous or kind. You can be someone that you want to become, but not without a good character. Character as a core value is seen in people with eager hearts to serve and work. It’s okay if you don’t make it on top, if you don’t get the attention of your professors judi togel or friends. What matters most is the kindness and goodness of your heart that prompt you to be good all the time regardless of your predicament. That is a mark of the person with good character.

What PCU taught me when I was in college evidently proved and showed me what true Service means. Its service to the students, staff and faculty members is unshakeable and immeasurable. PCU opened its door to students with all their dreams of acquiring a quality education, and YES, PCU produced and is continuously producing students who continue to dream more and make themselves successful. PCU gives opportunities to those who wish to be part of the PCU family. PCU gives all the faculty members the opportunity to teach and help in shaping the aspirant dreamers in line with their interests.

Let me conclude by expressing my heartfelt and utmost appreciation to all the professors/faculty members, staff, the President down to the Board Members of PCU for wholeheartedly sharing their time and efforts with deep FAITH and strong CHARACTER towards a sincere and immense SERVICE to God and people.


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