College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Dean's Welcome Message

PROF. LEAH JEUEL G. DAVID, Acting Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

PROF. LEAH JEUEL G. DAVID, Acting Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

CHRISTIAN FAITH and CHARACTER for SELFLESS and GOD- CENTERED SERVICE. This is the threshold of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies in its aim to provide quality hospitality education. These values are inculcated in every student enrolled in the two major programs under the college: Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management so as to develop in them a natural heart for service. Our boarders have even exceeded the boundaries of domestic tourism as we are emerged in developing local and international linkages and partnerships thru our on-the-job trainings and cross- cultural immersions not only in Asia but as well as in the United States of America. Our unique and highly supportive learning environment prepares our students to answer the ever- changing demands of the industry and hurdle the intricacies of hospitality education, making them globally ready and competitive.

Our thirst for upgrading the quality of education is evidently seen in the upgrade of our facilities having renovated our kitchen laboratories to suit industry standards and technological advances. Our mock hotel was also abreast with an updated design with a set of LCD and LED TVs, warm and comfortable rooms set up based on hotel standards for guestroom maintenance and improved ambience thru piped in music and aromatic scents to favour ultimate relaxation and satisfaction. We have also established our Tourism Travel Bureau which will soon be in full operation. Under the bureau was housed our Amadeus Program for Travel Booking, Ticketing and Reservations – a truly remarkable program to train and equip our students of the hotel and travel operations.

Moreover, HRM and Tourism being service- industries also extend services to the PCU community thru the University Books and Brew and the Campus Grill, coffeeshop and casual dining facilities managed and operated by the college. The said units allow the community to have the firsthand experience of luxurious dining within the walls of PCU at a price just enough for the students and average earners. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle matched with presentation and palatability are the key areas of operations.

At the College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies learning has always been a fun endeavour thru our educational trips from which our students gain extensive exposure on the environment making them dynamically involve as citizens of the community and stewards of God’s creation. With their exposure, the students are challenged to be leaders for the next generation, as they marvel on their experiences and observations of the real- world situations.

Our HRM course is Level II Accredited which is an assurance that our students receive quality education that conforms to the superior standards of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities.

With this, I invite our prospective students to be a part of our school – our family. You may search the PCU Website, to contact us with your questions, and to consider beginning your quest for quality education with us. With hope and faith, let us build you a career for success and excellence.

Welcome. To GOD be the glory!

Vision Mission Objectives


The College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies creates globally competitive tourism and hospitality workers rooted in CHRISTIAN FAITH and upholding CHRISTIAN CHARACTER for SELFLESS and GOD- CENTERED SERVICE.


The College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies commit ourselves to provide the highest quality of tourism and hospitality education thru competent teaching and Christian leadership; promote camaraderie among colleagues and students thereby creating an environment of harmony and togetherness and; develop among us and our students a sense of self- direction and self- worth.

College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Curricular Strategy

Though a very young college, having started June 2011, the College of Tourism and Hospitality Studies has developed progressive curricula that incorporates creative interface between theory and practice.

In Hotel and Restaurant Management, kitchen laboratories, mock hotel rooms and real- time operation of casual dining facilities enables the fulfilment of its goals and objectives set forth by the college. These facilities are continually upgraded to answer the growing demands of the industry for better to excellent learning possibilities. Classrooms likewise were made to coincide with technological advances thru the utilization of projectors and other media for classroom discussions and simulations. Educational Tours also add to the learning of the students by providing them with experiences way beyond what can be achieved inside their respective classrooms.

In Tourism Management, the Tourism Travel Bureau provides adept knowledge and skills to students thru discussions followed by hands-on training on Amadeus. Real- time scenarios of travel booking were also utilized for students to have a better grasps of travel booking and operations as well as the hurdles related to it. Off- campus activities also add to student development as they learn to hosts various tourism activities which gave them social and environmental awareness – aspects from which tourism mainly evolves as an industry. Classrooms are likewise built for comfortable, conducive learning for better adsorption of theories and concepts.

Research is also a prime objective of the college thus research subjects and activities are integrated in the curricula as a major. Research objectives were established and incorporated as an integral part of any classroom instruction so as to strengthen research efforts and capabilities of students, faculty and staff members of the college.

These strategies were implemented to ensure active involvement, growth and development of each individual under the college for the satisfaction of the objectives, mission and vision not only of the college but of the university as a whole.

1.1 Communication Skills
  • Personal & Organizational Communication
  • Multi-media Literacy
  • Oral & Writing Skills Development
  • Hands-on Training on Hospitality Applications Software
  • Multi-media Presentations
1.2 Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking Proficiency
  • Research Proficiency
  • Periodic Examinations
  • Graded Recitation
  • Project, Case & Feasibility Studies
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Reaction & Research Papers
1.3 Specialized Skills
  • Technical-Vocational
  • Core Competencies
  • On-the-Job Training, Practicum & Immersion
  • Skills Validation and Training
  • Educational Tours
  • Seminars, Workshops & Trainings
  • Inter & Intra School Competitions
1.4 International
  • Mulit-Cultural and Multi-Language
  • International Experiences and Linkages
  • International Travels & Linkages
  • Foreign Language Knowledge and Proficiency
  • Immersion and Student Exchange Programs
1.5 Management Skills
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Students’ program of activities(co-curricular/organizational)
  • Student Representation to off-campus conferences, conventions, trainings & workshops
  • Participation to off-campus competitions


Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Program DescriptionProgram Objectives
This program aims to develop future restaurateurs and hoteliers equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude required of the hospitality industry. Culinary, Stewardship and Management competencies are developed through providing excellent theoretical foundations, practical trainings and dynamic exposures in and off campus. Future restaurateurs and hoteliers are subject to National Competency Certifications conducted by the Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Program DescriptionProgram Objectives
This program aims to develop vibrant tour and travel operators with desirable attitude and capability to work efficiently and effectively in various tourism settings and environment. Tour and Travel Management and Operations are key areas of student learning and development through continuous interface of educational theories and practical trainings and exposures. Tour and Travel basic and management skills are professionalized thru National Competency Certifications conducted by the Technical Educational Skills and Development Authority (TESDA)