Welcome Message
Welcome Message from the Librarian

Welcome to the Philippine Christian University library! This is a showcase of resources and facilities that are specially classified in the following sections for easy access and reference by our clients:

  • Undergraduate Studies
  • Graduate School
  • College of Law
  • Reference
  • Periodicals
  • Circulation
  • Filipiniana

A wide array of updated books and reading materials are available to ensure that the PCU library serves well its purpose of being the backbone in Instruction, research and academic development  undertakings of the university.

The PCU library boasts of warm-hearted and highly qualified librarians who are readily available and eager to serve all those who avail of its resources and services. It caters not only to the library needs of PCU students and academic /non academic personnel but of those enrolled and serving in the co-member schools of the South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC).

In its continuing pursuit to develop a high degree of enthusiasm and reading interest among its clients, the PCU library initiates innovations leading to acquisition of e-books, e-journals and more computers.  In addition, PCU envisions to develop  its library that would place the university at the cutting edge position in time  for ASEAN  Integration 2015.

Again, the Library Director, in behalf of the entire library staff, extends the invitation to one and all. DO COME AND OPTIMIZE THE USE OF OUR LIBRARY RESOURCE MATERIALS AND ENJOY!

Thank you.



Mission Vission Statement


The LRC envision itself as providers of quality and timely information for the promotion and enhancement of the university’s vision, mission and goals.


 The LRC supports the institution’s instructional curricular, research and extension programs through:

  • An organized relevant and fast delivery of information and services;
  • Timely and equitable access to the LRC’s resources and services;
  • A close and meaningful working relationship with students, faculty, administrators and staff of the university
  • A maximized access to local and global information in cooperation with other libraries


  • To continually upgrade the library and all its resources in order to meet the expanding educational program of the university.
  • To identify and store database and files for easy and fast access of information.
  • To maintain a pool of trained personnel with technical skills and competencies.
  • To automate operations and services to keep abreast with current trends in modern information technology.
  • To develop and implement strategies to promote the use of the library and all other learning resources.
  • To link and network with local and international institutions to enhance the resources sharing capabilities of the center

Library Hours

About Library
College Library

Location:  3rd floor of the Academic Building
Regular Semester
Monday – Friday    8:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday                   8:00am _ 5:00pm

College of Law Library
Regular Semester
Monday – Friday    10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday                   8:00am _  5:00pm

Graduate School Library
Regular Semester
Monday – Friday    10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday                   8:00am  – 7:00pm

*Graduate School Library-Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies                   8:30am – 5:30pm 

Location of GS-Philo & Rel. Studies: Ground floor of the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies Building

Library Policies

Authorized Users

  • Bonafide Law students of Philippine Christian University, PCU Staff, faculty members and administrators.
  • Alumni with Alumni membership I.D.
  • Visiting users with referral letter from the institution of origin every Wednesday only and upon payment of Php50.00 at the cashier.

Courtesy in the Library

  1. Smoking, eating, sleeping, drinking and littering is strictly prohibited in the library.
  2. Person wishing to converse or engage to a discussion should step inside the reading room in order no to disturv the ones who are studying.
  3. Silence must be observed in the library.
  4. Students who do not observe this will be asked to leave the library.
  5. Library users are reuired to set their cellular phones in silent mode and should answer their calls outside the library.

Borrower’s Card

    Application of Borrower’s Card

  1. Students and full-time faculties may apply for their borrower’s card to entitle them to the use of the library and its resources at the counter or librarian’s desk.
    2 pcs. 1X1 ID Picture
    Registration Card
  2. Old students are required to validate their borrower’s card every semester upon presentation of registration card.
  3. Borrower’s card is Non-transferrable. Any student violating this rule by leading his/her borrower’s card to others will be subject for the following disciplinary action.
    • 1st Offense – Reprimand
    • 2nd Offense – Warning
    • 3rd Offense – One week suspension from the use of the Library.
  4. Lost Borrower’s card is replaced after notifying the librarian. Replacement fee is P110.00 at the cashier(Treasury Office).

Card Catalog/Online Public Access

The card catalog/OPAC provides stands information about a book. The cards
Are arrange alphabetically according to author, title, and subject.

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) provides basic on-line access to the library collection.

    CDS-ISIS System Available online database:

  • PCU Book Collection
  • PCU Thesis, Feasiblility studies and Dissertaion.
  • PCU Periodical Index
  • Abstract of PCU Thesis, Feasibility Studies
  • SMI – IC Thesis & Feasibility Studies Philippine National Bibliography Periodcials from Ateneo.

Security Control

  1. Users enetring the library shall be require leave all their personal belongins at the deposit counter/area except for their cellular phones, laptops, wallets and other valuable things.
  2. Depository tags are not to be brought out of the library premises. Lost tags shall be replaced at
  3. Unclaimed items at the depository shall charged with a fine of P50.00/day.

Referral Letter

Students wishing to haev a referral letter go to other libraries may ask the librarian upon presentation of Valid ID or borrower’s card.

Computer/Internet Services

    The following are to be observed to avail the service:

  1. Bonifide student, faculty and staff of Grad School may use the computer
  2. Computers may be use for borrowing pronounement articles and judicial cases in CD.
  3. Every user is given a maximum of 30 minutes to minimize queuing of would be users.
  4. Surfing the internet is defenitetly acceptable except going to porn sites and other detestable we pages.
  5. Chatting is not allowed.


  1. Loans
    1. Students
      1. Students with validated borrower’s card are allowed to borrow up to (2) books at a time for the period of one week and can be renewed if not needed by another user. However, books loan are subject to recall at anytime if they are needed by another user.
      2. Books at Reserved section are for library use only.
      3. Reference books, periodicals, thesis, dissertations and the special collection are for library use only.
      4. Filipiniana reserved books may be borrowed for overnight use after 5:00pm and should be returned not later than 9:00am the following day.
      5. Filipiniana ciculation books may be borrowed for two (2) days only except for Graduate School Libraries.
      6. Borrower with overdue books or with standing obligations to the library is not allowed to register or borrow unless all accounts are settled.
      7. Loan period ends one (1) week before the final examinations.
    2. Faculty, Staff and Administrators
      1. Faculty member is allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books at a time for one semester. Library notices will be sent to faculty members whose books are long overdue.
      2. Reserved books are for library use only. They be borrowed for overnight use after 5:00pm and should be returned not later than 9:00am the following day.
      3. Referrence books, periodicals, thesis, dissertations and other special collections are for library use only.
      4. All books and other library materials charged out to faculty, staff and administrators must be returned on due date. No renewals may be made during semestral breaks.
      5. Library clearnce is required of all full-time faculty members every end of the semester.
      6. Faculty members who expect to be away for extended periods such as sabbatical leaves and long vacation should secure library clearance.
  2. Care of Borrowed Books/Lost Books
    1. Missing pages in any borrowed books must be reported immediately to the section where the books was charge out.
    2. Mutilating, clipping or cutting any book, magazines, pamphlet or any librart materials are strictly prohibited. Anyon guilty of such act shall pay for the pamphlet or newspapers mutilated, clipped or cut, or replaced with the same. Moreover, the guilty party will be subject to disciplinary action.
    3. A book lost while on loan must be reported immediately to the section where the book was charge out.
    4. A book lost must be paid for according to the value determined by the library based on current prices of replaced with the same title plus processing charges of Php100.00.
    1. Photocopying of articles and experts from books and periodicals are allowed.
    2. Unauthorized photocopying of Thesis and Dissertaions is strictly prohibited.
    1. Overdue books are subject to fines (excluding Sundays and Holidays).
      • Filipiniana Reserved Book – P5.00/hour
      • General & Filipiniana Circulation – P5.00/day