Elementary (Level 1-6)



Principal's Message

Greetings of peace and good will!

Welcome to Philippine Christian University- Union Elementary School!

DR. JILL A. VALDERAMA    Acting Principal, PCU-UES


As the saying goes “Great things start from small beginnings,” PCU – Union Elementary School is focused to nurture and develop young learners holistically.

Being the foundation, we commit ourselves to rear small children starting from our Pre-Kindergarten, a program that prepares them to enter Kindergarten which is the on-set of the K to 12 Basic Education Program.  Union elementary School (UES) specifically caters to children from Pre-Kinder to Grade 6.

Pre-Kinder Program includes:

Playgroup            2 years old up to 2 ¾

Nursery 1            3 years old

Nursery 2            4 years old

Kindergarten       5 years old

Grade 1                 6 years old and completed Kindergarten


In PCU-UES, we strongly believe that education is for everybody. That is the very reason why we also cater to children with special needs aiming that such children will become useful citizens in the future.  Our SPED class caters to children who have intellectual disabilities and related cases with ages from 6 to 12 years old.

We strive for excellence and it is our goal to produce PCU-UES graduates who are academically competent Christ-like individuals endowed with a strong Christian education that integrates Faith, Character, and Service.


Come! Visit us and be part of PCU-Union Elementary School.




Acting Principal, PCU-UES

Vision Mision


We, of the Philippine Christian University  Union  Elementary School are  committed to:

  •  develop in  our  children  strong    Christian  character
  •  provide our  children  with  necessary  skills  to further their education
  •  provide opportunities for them to pursue their goals for good  citizenship  and  leadership
  • prepare them to apply continuously the sound principles they have learned in upholding their values at all times.

PCU – UES VISION STATEMENT                                  

A distinctively strong Christian school dedicated to the enlightenment of  children  on  the  Christian   faith   and  the  building  of  academic foundation  in  preparation  for  their  future  roles  as  useful  citizens.

Brief history of the PCU-UES

In 1946, shortly after the end of World War 11, there was a clamor for education.  Most children were over aged and parents were eager to have their children in school.  But Manila was devastated and in ruins and most buildings in the church compound were razed and the only one standing were the Ellinwood Malate Church and the Union Theological Seminary.  The parents of our children pleaded that an elementary school be organized.  The Board of Trustees of the Union High School of Manila gave ear to their plea.  So, in June 1946, the doors of the Union Theological Seminary were opened to the elementary school children.  Thus, the Union Elementary School was born.  Mrs. Carmen Armonio was the first principal.  Dr. Alexandres Christle suggested that its name be derived from the name of the Seminary itself the Union Theological Seminary.  It was organized as a separate and distinct unit and was the first elementary school in the area by Malate, Ermita and Paco after the destruction of Manila.  Classes were first held in the dark sawali buildings in the Seminary grounds which used to be the temporary headquarters of the Americans who helped liberate Manila.  This was the Mess Hall (the present site of the Main PCU building) of the American Army, converted into classroom.

Two hundred ninety three pupils were enrolled in grades 1 to V1 under eight competent teachers.  School supplies and books from Presbyterian Churches in the United States arrived on time for classroom use.  Pre-war curriculum, courses of study and objectives were used.  Co-curricular activities were scheduled throughout the academic year.  The first foundation anniversary for both Elementary and High School was celebrated in January 1947.  Parents, friends and benefactors were invited; prizes were given to winners in games.  The first Graduation exercises was held in March 1947 at the Union Theological Seminary Chapel with the former Manila First Lady Councilor Miss Carmen Planas as guest speaker.

In June 1947, the Union Elementary School was transferred to Union High School compound in Wright Street (now Vasquez Street).  For 14 years the classrooms were housed in quonset huts, wedged between the Union High School and the Ellinwood Malate Church.  The quonset huts were formerly used as barracks of American soldiers.

On March 14, 1947, the Philippine Christian College (PChC) was incorporated.  Miss Romelias Niguidula became the principal as Mrs. Armonio was assigned to teach in college

In July 1947,  the Union Elementary School became an integral part of PChC as its elementary department.  Then on October 20, 1958, an administrative ruling was issued that the name Philippine Christian College should be emphasized and attached to the name of all  departments of the school publicly and officially.  Thus the Union Elementary School was called PChC Union Elementary School

After the college achieved University status in 1975, the Elementary department was named  PCU – Union Elementary School.

The year 1960 – 61 is quite significant because a new building for the Union Elementary School was put up at the corner of Malvar-Vasquez to house 1,572 pupils.  The present location is more strategic and conducive to learning.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The educational journey of  our school faltered in its initial steps; however, it has now gained a headway in the noble task of quality teaching and learning.

The task of PCU to live with its vision and mission continues.  On April 26, 1991 the PCU – Union Elementary School was awarded a five year accreditation after the formal survey of the ACSC Accrediting Agency, Inc.  On this same year in June 1, the Kiddie Kollege, the Union Elementary School and the Union High School of Manila were integrated into one Academic unit called The PCU Integrated Science School.  Mrs. Apolinaria Buenaventura was designated the first director followed by Mrs. Milagros A. Guevarra.

The  educational  challenge  in  our  country  to  provide  learning experiences to the youth for science  and technology  was  gladly  welcomed  by our school administrators.  So on May 10, 1994, the Elementary School became the PCU Union Science Elementary School  because of the  University’s  Thrust:  Science  and  Technology.  The  curriculum   was  designed  to   give opportunities for the pupils’ growth in science and technology.  Computer education  then  was offered in all grade levels.

In 2004, Dr. Kathleen L. Guimbatan, the new appointed principal of Union Elementary School, strengthened and enhanced the Science curriculum, hence, she instructed the Science Teacher-Coordinator, Mr. Ferdinand Nolla to create a special Science course/subject entitled Environmental Science apart from the usual Science subject, which was offered in Grade Six (star section only) as an elective subject.

In 2006, SPED (Special Education) class was offered by the school upon the innovative and comprehensive recommendation of Dr. Kathleen L. Guimbatan.

PCU, particularly the elementary school continuously doing its effort to quest for excellence in offering quality, comprehensive and competitive education to its students and the rest of the community.  With this quest, the school continues to submit and abide with the Accreditation Agency, to achieve its goals.  In fact, we/the school was granted Level 2 – Five years Reaccreditation.  With this status, the Agency invited and granted the coterminous Level 111 status to PCU-UES in 2007.

In 2014, PLAY GROUP CLASS was offered by the school intended for toddlers ages 2 to 3 years old.  Handled by professionals, the child enters in a new avenue of learning that will develop him/her holistically.

In the same year, the school subscribed GENYO e-Learning Management/Program from Diwa Leaning Systems Inc.  The objective of the program is to provide interactive through multimedia and collaborative tools and resources for pupils .

PCU and the Elementary Department  was granted the ISO Certification last July 15, 2014.  Acquiring a recognized management standard indicates the genuine intention of the school to provide quality service to our students/clientele.

In June 2014, Dr. Lenalee C. Borromeo was appointed as the principal of Union Elementary School, her commendable performance and academic accomplishment qualified her to be the 7th principal of the PCU-UES,.

Goals and Objectives


The PCU-UES aims to provide the children with a well-balanced academic programs and co-curricular activities to help them become active Christian who are:

  • Self-reliant,
  • Creative
  • Service – oriented
  • Socially aware, and
  • Academically equipped individual.

The PCU – UES concentrates its efforts on the children’s:

  • Commitment to Christ and the Christian way of life
  • Acquisition of functional knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a higher aspirations,
  • Awareness and concern for their social environment,
  • Active participation in worthwhile activities.

The PCU – UES faculty, staff and administration aim to assist students  to develop:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Desirable behavior and attitude
  • Christian way of life,
  • A community spirit dedicated to serving others.


  1. Guidance Office1.1.  Evaluates / assess official credential required for admission.  All student
    applicants should go through the following procedures and submit the following
    requirements before admission.

    1. Admission in Grade 1The entrance age is six (6) but any child who is five and a half
      (5 ½ ) years old by June (opening of classes) with Kindergarten training
      may admitted to Grade 1

      • The applicants must take the school readiness test
      • The applicants must submit the following requirements
        • photocopy of birth certificate
        • photocopy of Kindergarten Report Card
        • 2 pcs. 1 x 1 ID pictures
        • Official Receipt of the testing fee
    2. Admission in Grades 11-V1
      • The applicants must take the entrance test which includes
        mental ability and achievement test.
      • The applicants must submit the following requirements
        • Original Report Card (F-138)
        • Original Good Moral Certificate
        • 2 pcs 1×1 ID pictures
        • Official Receipts of the testing fee
    3. Admission For Foreign Students
      • The applicants must take the entrance test which includes
        mental ability test and achievement test.
      • The applicant must submit the following requirements
        • Original Report Card (with English Translation)
        • Student Study Permit  (SPS) from the Bureau of

          • 2 pcs 1×1 ID pictures
          • Official Receipts of the testing fee and foreign student fee
    4. Admission For SPED Students
      • The applications must take the entrance/placement test which
        includes the school readiness test and mental ability test
      • The applicant must submit the following requirements
        • Photocopy of Report Card
        • 2 pcs  1×1 ID pictures
        • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
        • Photocopy of Psychologist or Neuro-Developmental
          Pediatrician’s Diagnosis
        • Official receipts of the testing / assessment fee
    5. Re-Admission of Old Students
      • The old students or re-enrollees must fill up a new registration form
        and must submit the original report card.
      • Schedules entrance/placement examination
        The Guidance Counselor schedules the entrance/placement tests to applicants.
  2. Treasure Office
    • Collects payments and issues official receipts.
      The Treasury Office collects payments and issues receipts for entrance/
      placement test fees, foreign fees, tuition fees and instruction materials fees
  3. Guidance Office
    • Administers, scores and interprets entrance/placement tests
      The Guidance Counselor administers, scores and interprets the entrance/
      placement tests and makes the recommendation based on the test
      performance and the average grade of the applicant.
    • Releases entrance/placement tests results
      The Guidance Counselor facilitates the issuance of entrance test results to
      the parents/guardians.
  4. Principal’s Office
    • The Principal decides whether to admit or not to admit or not to admit student
      The Principal upon the recommendation of the Guidance Counselor
      makes  the decision whether to admit or not to admit student applicant based
      on the previous academic achievement and entrance test performance.
    • The Principal Office Staff facilitates enrolment process
      The Principal Office Staff handles the enrolment process of new and old
  5. Registrar’s Office
    • Collects official enrolment / registration forms of enrolled new and old students.
    •  Collects official credentials submitted by the new students to the Guidance Office
  6. Discipline Office
    •   Facilitates processing of school ID card pictures of students
  7. Guidance Office / Principal’s Office
    • The Guidance Counselor coordinates with the Principal’s office staff and
      faculty assigned in the placement of students in respective sections.