Alumni Affairs

About Alumni Affairs Office
The PCU Alumni Affairs Office, under the External Affairs Office, is in charge of alumni activities, alumni chapters, fund raising and linkages, and alumni affairs.  It seeks to strengthen the participation, involvement, commitment and support of the alumni to PCU vision and mission through the programs, project and activities conducted by the university and the Alumni Association.  It encourages partnership and cooperation between PCU and PCU-AA in promoting the University in the community and in maintaining its positive Christian image.  The AAO also ensure programs, services, networks and linkages to the alumni in coordination with the various University centers/colleges, institutional committees and the Alumni Association.  It also represents PCU and PCU-AA at institutional and alumni programs, events and activities, locally, on and off campus, and internationally whenever possible.
The PCU-AAO specifically aims to:

  1. Coordinate, facilitate and monitor institutional programs and services to PCU Alumni;
  2. Assists the PCU-AA in planning and implementing its programs, projects and activities;
  3. Establish professional and social linkages and networks between PCU, PCU-AA, inter-university Alumni Association / Offices, government and non-government relations and friends, locally and internationally;
  4. Maintain and upgrade data bank of alumni records / directory; and
  5. Publish and disseminate news and information pertaining to the alumni.
Program Components and Services
  • EDUCATION AND FELLOWSHIP. Conduct the following regular programs in coordination with the PCU Alumni Association:
    1. Seminars / Symposia / Fora on relevant current issues;
    2. Alumni Institute / Continuing Education Program;
    3. Convocation / Alumni Homecoming / Recognition of alumni achievers / Board/Bar Passers; and
    4. Alumni Send-Off Cocktail celebration / Oath Taking

    1. Conduct PCU alumni survey and update alumni directory;
    2. Maintain data bank of alumni records;
    3. Publish and disseminate alumni newsletter and pamphlets; and
    4. Keep an alumni mini-library

    1. Coordinate with various universities and colleges and the PCU-AA in organizing alumni chapters;
    2. Establish communication link with the Alumni through the PCU Alumni website;
    3. Promote PCU and PCU-AA through alumni visitation and networking with friends.
    4. Assist PCU-AA in convening the general assembly and organization meetings of the association, chapters and attend to the institutional alumni committee;
    5. Conduct joint alumni fellowship and planning; and
    6. Establish inter-university, government and non-government relations network.

    1. Assist and intercede for the PCU alumni on official transactions with the University, e.g. clearance, certification;
    2. Process Alumni scholarship and grants;
    3. Provide job placement assistance/referrals; and
    4. Assist the PCU-AA in alumni fund drive.

    1. Staff Development;
    2. Program assessment, summing-up and planning;
    3. Organizational and institutional meetings; and
    4. Communications