Mission - Vision Statement

 A reliable, transparent, customer service oriented Accounting Office providing excellent

service to external and internal customers.




 To deliver quality service, reports and statements with integrity.




With the birth of Philippine Christian College in 1946, the Accounting Office was simultaneously born. It was located at Malate, Manila it was manned by more or less 6 employees namely: The Chief Accountant, the bookkeeper 3 students’ accounts receivable clerks and voucher clerk. Payroll preparation was then under the Treasury Office. Accounting Office started without aircon, with radio with walls full of curtains, with only front windows opened and most likely not computerized (manual with ledgers and vouchers, posting machine). As time passed by, many changes happened. Payroll became part of Accounting, personnel come and go. It was year 2008 when a renovation was made as part of the Master Development Plan of Dr. Suarez. Second floor was built, no more curtains, presence of 3 aircons, and the evolution of computers. Student ledgers were computerized partially; entries in the voucher were posted in the general ledger, real time. The only thing left and still in running condition is the radio. The following persons headed accounting: Mrs. Aster Schaare,Mrs. Estelita Dalupan, Mr. Monedo, Mrs. Orleans, Ms. Quito, Ms. Federis, Mr. Alfredo Olano, Mrs. Eva S. Francisco, and at  present Mrs, Evelyn Q.Libunao as the Chief Accountant. With the modern technology and innovation, payroll of Administrators were outsourced. Hopefully in the coming years, full blast computerized of Accounting Office will come into reality.