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The Minimum Learning competencies (MLC) is followed under the New Elementary School Curriculum (NESC) of the DECS. English, Mathematics, Science courses are enriched on account of the Center’s thrust on Science and Technology.


The subject is carefully designed to provide appropriate teachings in good manners and right conduct, and values education as well. The lessons discuss on good manners, right conduct, proper behavior, and personal habits necessary for the development of an upright and productive citizen of the country.


The subject focuses on the identification of vowel, consonant sound as well as stressed and unstressed syllables. The practice is provided for production of speech sounds listened to increase one’s vocabulary through speaking and the use of expressions and grammatical patterns in talking about people, ideas and events. It prepares pupil to speak/listen to English language. It helps you read and write simple sentences, dialogue, stories and poems.

Focused on the use of English language effectively in communicating, in the reading skills like comprehension, vocabulary and literary appreciation. Exposing learners to different literary pieces like short stories, poems, folk tale, legends, fables and essays. In addition to these, dialogues, biographies, scientific articles and other informative materials.


Layunin nito na:

  1. Malinang ang kakayahang komunikatibo ng mag-aaral para sa sining at mabisang pakikipagtalastasan.
  2. Matututunan din ng mga mag-aaral ang mga kakayahan at kaalamang pangwika at pakikinig, pagsasalita, pagbasa at pagsulat ng wasto at maayos.
    Ang ika-anim na baiting ay binubuo ng apat na yunit:
    • Ang Aking Kapaligiran
    • Ang Aking Daigdig na Ginagalawan
    • Ang Kapwa ko at Ako
    • Ako, Tungo sa Landas ng Kaunlaran

Nakalahad ang konsepto nito (tula, awit, kuwento, salaysay, lathalain, balita atbpa) sa kakayahang matutunan at pagpapayaman sa kaalaman.

Matapos na matutunan ng mag-aaral ang mga araling inaasahang magiging maunlad at mabunga, handing humarap sa anumang uri ng pakikipagtalastasan na may tiwala sa sariling kakayahan, nakapagpahayag ng mga opinion na mahusay at maliwanag at magsisilbing huwaran sa paggamit ng sariling wika sa ating mabilis na nagbabagong lipunan at edukasyon tungo sa kaunlaran.


Although Math is an abstract subject, the concept become more real and distinct when mathematical skills are mastered and fully developed. It gives opportunities for the students to master the skills and enhance the understanding of mathematics particularly on the solution of problems involving the four fundamental operations of whole numbers, rational numbers and decimals. Geometry is stressed on exercises developing concepts of lines, planes, curves, as well as constructing angles. Skills in measurement of time, weights, and capacities are also stressed along with mapping, graphing, and scaling.


Science is an important part of one’s life and environment. This will help students to discuss science concepts about living things, matter, energy and meteor, as well as earth and space. All activities and experiments therein will enable students to actually experience science process like observing, classifying, comparing, measuring, making inferences, predicting and hypothesizing. With these activities, students will learn ideas by doing for it will enable them to find answers to questions in an intelligent way. It will lead pupil to generalize and make conclusions and then apply to real life situation.


The subject is of three components which are integral component of pedagogy which aim to nurture the aesthetic of pupil’s unique personality – vis-à-vis growth and development.

Music component – opens the pupil’s world to the element of music – namely, rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics, texture, and harmony which are enriched with songs to develop the child’s musical talents.

Art’s segment – is expounded on its basic elements, designs, and visuals. Creative expressions in the form of painting, sculpturing, weaving, recycling, and printing techniques are also explored.

Physical activities and sports designed to enhance physical development; general fitness and health are dealt with in the Physical Education component which covers varied activities toward the development of values like courtesy, sportsmanship, cooperation and team play.


The subject centers on the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes geared towards the development of pupils as responsible citizens of the community and the country. It is composed of six units which deal with one’s personality, family living, foods, basic sewing, agriculture and entrepreneurship. The learning situation provide them with a clean concept of themselves within the personal, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of their life. The subject discusses the importance of personality, foods, basic sewing , agriculture and entrepreneurship handicrafts and family living with wider insights. It gives deeper understanding of how boys and girls develop and relate with their friends, families, neighbors and others where they live and work. The lessons stress on how to broader one’s recognition, respect and equality on their basic needs and other people.

The subject intends to help the pupils develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes. It also deals with family living, personality, basic sewing, agriculture and entrepreneurship and handicraft. The lessons are designed to meet the needs and capabilities of the individual pupils. The exercises are keyed to young boys and girls experiences to provide them with a clear concept of themselves as they become adult.

SIBIKA AT KULTURA (Grade 1-3) / HEKASI (Grade 4-6)

Paglinang ng isang makabuluhan, kapakipakinabang, makabayan at makataong Pilipino na may mabuting saloobin at tunay na pagmamahal sa kanyang kapwa at bansa. Ang mga aralin ay isinaayos sa paraang makalilikha ng isang mag-aaral na maipagmamalaki ang kanyang pagkakakilanlan na ang binibigyang-diin ay ang moral, panlipunan at ispiritwal na mga pagpapahalaga para sa aktibo niyang pakikibahagi sa mga gawain sa tahanan, paaralan, Pamayanan at sa buong mundo


The course introduces the child into the language and environment of computers. The child learns the skills and develops the confidence necessary to relate with the computer and use its application programs

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